Hello! I’m Jennifer Chiappisi, a 39-year old from Central Ohio. I’m married to an amazing chef and technophile, Tristan. We met on World of Warcraft and immediately bonded over our love of computer and console gaming – a love we now share with our daughters.

We have two absolutely wonderful daughters, Samantha Grace (4) and Charlotte Hope (2). They are two of the kindest, most loving little girls and I am so honored and blessed to be their Mommy! One of the favorite parts of my day is catching them playing together sweetly. They have a capacity for love that reminds me of God’s love towards us. Unconditional. Unspoiled. True.

I graduated from high school in a tiny town in Northwest Ohio called Hicksville – not a joke, it truly is the name of the town – and then graduated from college from a larger town in Northwest Ohio at Bowling Green State University. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technology, majoring in Visual Communication Technology (a fancy way of saying I’m a jack-of-all-trades in graphic design).

I decided to go the route of web design and development and after some time at advertising agencies, decided to start my own business, Fourth Floor Interactive. It ran successfully for several years and earned awards and myself a seat on the board of directors at the Gahanna Chamber of Commerce.

Upon getting pregnant with Samantha and then having her and Charlotte, I stepped back from my business. And after my journey through anxiety and my prodigal return to God, I began listening to Him on what plans He has for me… and that led me to this project: Through Fear and Faith.